After a tip about an American lady living inland and making pottery in La Candelaria, Baja California Sur we headed there to check it out. After getting stuck in sand and then unstuck with the help of a very friendly man, we arrived and met Lorena.She is a self taught ceramacist who has lived there for 30 years. She only taught herself ceramics because she needed something to store her water and make it cool, but she couldn't buy a big ceramic pottery. So with the help of her sister in law she taught herself how, and since then has been collecting and preparing the clay then making and firing her pottery. For more information about how she does it check out #lookingfordongxi #lacandelaria #bcs #bajacaliforniasur #méxico #ceramics #pottery #deserts #islandlife🌴 #selftaught #doityourself #inspiringwomen